Zone Enterprises utilizes high-tech laser inspection equipment, coined ZONE VISION, to verify part dimensionals, as well as, reverse engineer customer supplied samples. ZONE VISION allows rapid inspection of parts at the PPAP, First Piece, In-Process and Dock Audit levels with accuracy far greater than using traditional measuring devices. This laser inspection technology verifies system calibration before each scan to ensure repeatable accuracy. By pinpointing errors immediately on the shop floor, Zone reduces scrap, rework and lowers costs with savings that can be passed on to its customers.

ZONE VISION can capture more than 500 data points per second and is accurate within 0.05mm (0.002 inches). It compares laser scanned measurements to CAD files and notes any areas that are out of tolerance. Utilizing this data, Zone can generate detailed color-coded inspection reports and data files that can be forwarded to customers upon request or with each shipment ensuring customer orders are received defect-free.

When customers have a sample part and need more prototypes quickly, ZONE VISION also can reverse engineer products. By scanning a sample part, ZONE VISION can create a CAD drawing that can immediately be converted into a file utilized by one of Zone's FLASH JET die-less cutting machines. Prototypes can be produced in a matter of minutes from the initial laser scan and prototypes can be shipped to the customer same day. ZONE VISION is fast, easy and efficient for production drawings and parts.

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