Since our founding in 1950, Zone Enterprises has worked to earn our customers' business by developing engineered die-cut parts utilizing the most cost effective ideas in design and material utilization. Today, many of our customers rely upon us to assist early in the design stage of product development, introducing the correct materials and cost effective designs focused on resolving sealing (air, dust or water), thermal insulation, sound or acoustic issues. Additionally, we engineer part layout and packaging to allow customers to most efficiently install or apply our products in their applications. From product design to product launch, our team of engineers provide our customers with engineering expertise that helps minimize cost and maximizes product performance for the life of the program.

Engineering Services Include:

  • Auto-CAD print and part design
  • Laser reverse engineering part design
  • PPAPs for all part launches
  • Tooling layouts to maximize yields
  • Part/Packaging layouts to maximize efficiency
  • Material selection recommendations
  • Lab Testing for material validation

If you're a current customer, we thank you for your business. If you're a new customer, we invite you to get Zone Enterprises involved in your next development program so we can provide in-depth industry expertise and offer the best solution for your application.

To learn more about our engineering services, please contact our engineering department today.