Safety and Environmental

Safety First

Zone Enterprises manages it business using an SQDCI management methodology (Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost and Inventory). The first priority in the business is “S” for Safety. In addition to having systems in place to protect the individuals that work or visit our facilities, we place a high priority on protecting the environment and ensuring we run our business in a responsible manner. We employ an Environmental Management System (EMS) and openly promote our Environmental Policy throughout the organization.


  • Serves as an important tool to improve environmental performance
  • Provides a systematic way of managing an organization’s environmental affairs
  • Is the aspect of the organization’s overall management structure that addresses immediate and long-term impacts of its products, services and processes on the environment
  • Gives order and consistency for organizations to address environmental concerns through the allocation of resources, assignment of responsibility and ongoing evaluation of practices, procedures and processes
  • Focuses on continual improvement of the system



Zone Enterprises will manage its business in a way that minimizes waste that could potentially impact the environment or health of others. Based on legal requirements, government policies and our customer’s expectations, we will evaluate our operations to ensure they are as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. We will educate our staff to raise awareness of environmental issues and enlist their support in initiating projects or activities that will further reduce our impact on the environment.