Zone Enterprises has extensive laboratory testing capabilities to develop, audit and provide product performance solutions for sealing, insulating and sound abatement applications. Utilizing in-house equipment and 3rd party A2LA certified laboratory partnerships, Zone can conduct industry specific material validation to ensure our products meet and exceed our customer's material specification criteria. Products can be tested and certified to various automotive, HVAC or other industrial test requirements. Our goal is to provide materials that enhance our customer's product performance.

Common physical and mechanical material testing include:

  • Environmental
  • Heat Aging
  • Smoke / Flammability
  • Peel Adhesion / Sheer Strength
  • Compression Deflection / Set
  • Density
  • Durometer Hardness
  • Shrinkage
  • Color Matching
  • Laser Dimensional Measurements

For more details about our material testing capabilities and 3rd party A2LA laboratory partnerships, please contact our engineering department today.